Student Meal Plans are convenient, flexible, and loaded with options. Every meal plan provides a combination of Meals & Special Food Account Dollars (SFA).   Learn more about meal plans on our Meal Plans 101 page.

The various meal plan options allow students to select the meal plan that best fits their personal eating habits.

Students living in the Residence Halls will be defaulted to our Explorer 15 meal plan that gives them 15 Swipes per Week to Treetops Cafe, Union Food Court, meal exchange at Starbucks, and Grab and Go options in the PODs. They then have the option to upgrade to the Explorers All Access Plan, which offers unlimited swipes into the dining hall, and one meal exchange for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. More information can be found in the Terms & Conditions.

Students living in the Townhouses and Apartments have the ability to select a meal plan based on their class status.  Students living off campus have the opportunity to select any of our meal plans.

We offer Meal Exchange with all meal plans, meaning students on any plan are able to exchange their meal swipes at Union Food Court, Treetops, POD Markets, and Starbucks once per meal period.

  • Explorer’s All Access


    • Swipes unlimited meal swipes
    • Dollars $300 S. F. A.
  • Explorer 15


    • Swipes 15 Meals per week / per semester
    • Dollars $150 SFA Funds
  • Block 175


    • Swipes 175 Meals per semester
    • Dollars $200 SFA Funds
  • Commuter $350 S.F.A.


  • Commuter $250 S.F.A.


  • Commuter $150 S.F.A.


  • Block 115


    • Swipes 115 Meals per semester
    • Dollars $200 SFA Funds
  • Block 75


    • Swipes 75 Meals per semester
    • Dollars $250 SFA Funds
  • Block 30


    • Swipes 30 Meals per semester
    • Dollars $200 SFA Funds
    • $120 Home Chef Meal Kit Voucher
  • SFA Reload

    • Use on the Dining Sidekick App!

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